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From "Iain Wade" <iw...@optusnet.com.au>
Subject Re: apr_os_dir_put fixes
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 04:35:44 GMT
> > If there was a newer interface added, it might be nice to have an
> > 'owner' argument in addition to dirname and let it register the cleanup
> > if it is owner.
> >
> Yeah, that's nice.

Ok, I've got a new version of the patch attached.

In summary:

1/ Create a new apr_os_dir_put_ex function, which adds a dirname field
and register_cleanup flag.

2/ Create a new apr_os_file_put_ex function, which adds a register_cleanup flag.

3/ Create a new apr_dir_name_get function which returns the directory name

4/ Re-factor apr_(file|dir)_open to use apr_os_(file|dir)_put for consistency.

It passes the test cases (such that they are) on Linux .. I have
included changes for os2/win32 but they have not been tested.

If you would like me to break the patch down into separate parts I'm
happy to do so.


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