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From "Lucian Adrian Grijincu" <lucian.griji...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: apr_os_dir_put fixes
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:44:51 GMT
On Dec 11, 2007 3:24 PM, Iain Wade <iwade@optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> Hi,
> It has the drawback of altering the apr_os_dir_put() function to
> accept an extra argument (dirname). I don't know your policy of stable
> interfaces, but I haven't really been able to find any other users of
> this call in my searching.
In the 1.2.x releases no type, identifier, interpretation of a
parameter, function, etc. shall be added/modified.
This release series is a bug-fix only.

the trunk now contains the next-to-be APR-1.3.x
Until 1.3.0 is released we can add new functions/types/etc. but
anything that was in 1.2.x must be preserved in 1.3.x as also.

So, if your patch is to be considered it must be done against the
1.3.x trunk, and must create a new function.


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