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From Michael Clark <mich...@metaparadigm.com>
Subject Re: apr_os_dir_put fixes
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 16:02:48 GMT
Lucian Adrian Grijincu wrote:
> apart from the versioning detail, Iain raises a valid problem (bug) in APR:
> apr_dir_t objects are used to iterate dir entries (and get apr_finfo_t
> structures with some info about each dir entry).
> Scenario:
> I have a apr_os_dir_t object from some irelevant place in my program and
> I want to list all the files in that directory.
> For this I use apr_os_dir_put as such:
> 		apr_dir_t * d = NULL;
> 		apr_os_dir_put(&d, os_dir, pool);
> 		do{		
> 			rc = apr_dir_read(&finfo, wanted, d);
> 			printf("%s\n", finfo.name);
> 		}while(APR_SUCCESS == rc);
> apr_os_dir_put does not initialize the apr_dir_t->entry field, but
> apr_dir_read does:
> 		ret = readdir64_r(thedir->dirstruct, thedir->entry, &retent);
> This tries to fill the thedir->entry with some valid data about a file.
> (ino_t, d_off, d_name, etc.).
> This is a real problem only if APR endorses such a scenario.
> I don't know if dir_cleanup should be registered to handle the cleanup of
> this apr_dir_t (I'm against it). I got the apr_os_dir_t from some place
> else, I should manage it's death manually.
> If I want to let APR call closedir() on this object I can register a
> cleanup function for it on the same pool, manually.

Yes, although even with the allocation fixed, without dirname set 
correctly, it will also not be able to do the apr_stat calls if they are 
'wanted' in apr_dir_read.

So the 'bug' can't really be fixed without changing the interface or 
adding an apr_dir_set_dirname(d, dirname)

I don't think it is a very useful interface - should it be deprecated 

We have some code that uses the existing interface but it needs to 
include arch/unix/apr_arch_file_io.h to access the dirname member to do 
the fixups.

I can't see a nice way to create an apr_dir_t from a DIR* with apr 1.2


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