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From Simone <bassosim...@slacky.it>
Subject apr_brigade_split_line() may leave zero length bucket in input brigade
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 09:08:10 GMT
I found that apr_brigade_split_line() may leave a zero length Heap
bucket in bbIn brigade, when such brigade contains exactly a line. I've
read the source (1.2.10) and I think it happens in apr_bucket_split(),
given the fact that the point where to split equals original bucket's

I found it by mistake, because some lines after split_line() I was
assuming end of input == reading zero bytes from a bucket, which
I found to be a wrong assumption. Should this be documented? I think
it should because it can save time to someone that (like me) starts
using buckets.

Btw, I read on this ML that there is the chance that buckets and
brigades will be removed from APU 2.0: I'd like them stay in, because I
need them.



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