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From "SAILESH KRISHNAMURTI, BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEXIN" <skrishnam...@bloomberg.net>
Subject Fwd:http-redirect url gets corrupted in request_rec - apache 2.
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 21:12:04 GMT
actually, I am trying to port from 64 bit linux to 32 bit solaris, in case tht  helps

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From: Sailesh Krishnamurti <SKRISHNAMUR1@bloomberg.net>
To: DEV@apr.apache.org
At: 12/07 16:10:49

Hi, i have an authentication module that i am trying to port from 64 bit solaris
to 32 bit. The problem is that when the module redirects the request to the 
authentication page, the URL seems to be getting corrupted when it is passed 
betwen the module and apache core.                                       For 
E.G; Within the module request_rec->headers_out is /loginPage/Somelogin.cgi 
apache seems to actually redirect to:\xfb\xab\x98\xb0Page/Somelogin.cgi         
i dont know why this is getting corrupted. Tried logging various parts of the 
request_rec but didnt find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

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