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From Davi Arnaut <d...@apache.org>
Subject Re: sendfile(2) misbehaves when header iovecs are specified
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 23:41:24 GMT
Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wrote:
>    More from the networking team:
> """
> With regard's to Aaron's comments above, the return value is as  
> expected.  The "len" parameter specifies the number of bytes for the  
> header (if any) and the (possibly partial) contents of the file.  In  
> this case, it is 200,000, meaning the entire 80,000 bytes header plus  
> 120,000 of the file contents, followed by the trailer, which is 90,029  
> bytes, will be sent.  The total bytes sent is therefore 290,029 bytes  
> (80,000 + 120,000 + 90,029).  It implies that 80,000 bytes of the file  
> contents did not get sent; only the first 120,000 bytes did.
> So, to elaborate this, on input "len" implies the maximum number of  
> bytes in the header and/or file to be sent.  It does not control the  
> trailer whatsoever; if a trailer exists, all of it will be sent.  If  
> "len" is 0, all of the header and/or file will be sent before the  
> trailer (all of it, always) finally gets sent.  On output, "len"  
> specifies the total number of bytes sent.
> I agree the man page is not clear about this and should be modified.
> """
>    This looks to agree with what you are seeing.  Correct?

Yes. Thanks.

Davi Arnaut

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