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From Ioan Popescu <ipope...@dataq.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] libapr-1.2.11 test on WinCE 5
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 12:20:21 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> FYI if you are going to iterate, it would be very helpful if you would
> please play on trunk where we are on the same page.
> I actually don't see a point to focusing on apr 1.2.anything, but instead
> focus all of our CE-energies into making a releasable 1.3.0 in the very
> near future (e.g. the next two months).

I'll give it another shot. I already tried once to apply the changes against
trunk, but found there were many changes to trunk that conflicted with mine.
I thought it would be better to cleanup what I had and report them than try
and figure out what the new code was doing.

Now that there's a version running on CE, I'll take a second look and try to
incorporate the changes into trunk.

FYI on the makefiles, CE is kind of tricky. In the past, there were
"standard" SDKs for CE development. I managed to find one for CE 5, but 6
doesn't have one. Instead, every device running CE has its own custom
version of the OS along with a custom SDK, if they release it. I've already
added IPV6 to the standard CE 5 SDK, but there are no guarantees on what CE
6 has available. From what I've seen in the "New Features", it should have a
better CRT, so at least basic functionality will be portable.

Embedded Linux probably has the same quirk, since an embedded OS only has
what it needs (and can handle). Something to keep in mind, there may have to
be more tests on whether something is implemented instead of just assuming
that it is.

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