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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Tagging 1.2.* Sat night or Sun a.m.
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 07:43:37 GMT
Depending on my weekend.

I found the bug, I'll commit the fix friday after I vet it a bit more.
Win32 apr_file_dup2's new flags bits for stdio channels were the buggers,
needed to mask those off in appropriate ways, but I'm not done validating
the fix.

I've committed to trunk the build changes that let us almost seamlessly
transition from .dsp to .vcproj, for x86 and x64.  [Actually, they are
seamless here because we don't try stuffing /D "SYM=With a space" at
the resource compiler.  httpd is not so lucky].

I don't plan to backport the /D WINNT change for x86, or the Win9x
targets.  Save that for 1.3.  But there's no sense in run time tests
of 9x for x64 ;-)  Otherwise, it goes over to 1.2 as-in trunk.

So the dsp improvements roll on to apr-iconv and apr-util for releases
there too.  We should have a really ready-to-rock x64 build schema, all
it still needs is a top level Makefile.win to make things easy, which
I'm about to crib from httpd (including ssl detection logic for apr 1.3,
but nothing that rich for the other trees.)

So what of y'all - anything else to slide in before the weekend?  If
you are still at it Saturday, be sure to holler so I don't accidentally
roll right over anyone's toes.


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