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From Ioan Popescu <ipope...@dataq.com>
Subject libapr 1.2.11 tests on WinCE 5
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 15:51:27 GMT
This is a summary of the changes I made to the tests for the core APR
1.2.11 library. The patch and other files will follow separately.

* Build as Unicode project.
* Include tchar.h to use generic data type mappings for Unicode.
* Change "main" declarations to use generic data type mappings.
* Use generic data type mappings where possible (string functions).
* Add ConvertUTF.(c|h) source from Unicode website to convert back and
  forth between UTF-16 and UTF-8 as needed without using APR.
* Convert command line arguments to UTF-8 before passing to APR.
* Make output quiet because backspace outputs "^H" text everywhere.
* Initialize "not_impl" member of suites.
* Output number of tests not implemented along with failures at the end.
* Replaced use of apr_strtoi64() in globalmutexchild.c with _wtoi64()
  because the command line argument is Unicode.
* Replaced use of read/write() in proc_child.c with fread/fwrite() because
  read/write() aren't implemented.
* Reduced the number of threads created during "testatomic" due to CE's
* Make all paths absolute, rooted in "/Windows/apr" as needed.
* Log unimplemented functions, modify test to check for them and skip when
  a function isn't implemented.
* Exclude inclusion of "errno.h" from CE build, it doesn't exist.
* "testdir" shouldn't test current directory.
* "testdso" uses an absolute path for MOD_NAME.
* "testfnmatch" ends up with 6 files instead of 5 when enumerating the
  files in a directory.
* "testfnmatch" shouldn't test current directory.
* "testmmap" can't use current directory, replaced with absolute path,
  removed check for drive.
* "testmmap" replaced use of APR_FINFO_NORM with APR_FINFO_SIZE when only
  size information was needed.
* "testnames" needs to use "/" instead of "C:/" as root, shouldn't test
  current directory.
* "testpipe" was incorrectly testing apr_file_pipe_timeout_set(). The
  function was performing according to the comments.
* Replaced use of CRT time functions in "testsleep" with GetCurrentFT()
  because the CRT doesn't implement the time functions.
* "teststr" needed ERANGE defined and to ignore "errno" because it doesn't
  exist on CE.
* Replaced use of CRT time functions in "testtime" with closest match to be
  able to perform the test.

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