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From Ian Holsman <li...@holsman.net>
Subject Re: [vote] apr 1.2.x win32 compatibility
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 02:18:58 GMT

William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> I see there are only two conclusions based on Joe's veto, therefore vote
>> for one;
>>  [ ] Revert to inheriting INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE on win32 for all unspecified
>>      stdio streams (1.2.8 behavior, retaining all other inheritance bugfixes)
>>      and for the lifespan of 1.2.x remain incompatible with Unix.  (In 1.3.0
>>      we still follow unix behavior of inheriting the parent's stdio streams
>>      for unspecified channels).
>>  [ ] "Tweak" our versioning rules to permit Windows users to continue to use
>>      the incompatible behavior via a new APR_NO_FILE macro flag in APR 1.2.12
>>      (this remains ABI-compatible since it's a macro).
>> Please vote, I will be closing the debate shortly to roll out 1.2.12 in the
>> very near future.  Essentially option #1 says we can fix platform-incompatible
>> in a subversion release, option #2 says we don't attempt to solve platform
>> inconsistencies until the next minor release.  Choose your preference.
> Sorry - flip #1/#2 in the explanation above - Revert means we can't really
> solve a platform inconsistency until the minor release, while "Tweak" means
> we can introduce a platform specific option to preserve inconsistent behavior
> when it's needed by a small minority of our users, while addressing the larger
> incompatibility for the vast majority of APR applications.

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