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From "Rahul Patil" <rahul.pa...@zensar.com>
Subject APR error
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 13:13:18 GMT

            I am facing a problem with the runtimes to get Subversion


I am attempting to install Subversion 1.4.5 on RHEL 5 machine, using APR
1.2.11 and APR-util 1.2.10, neon version is 0.27.2

Configure runs successfully but generates warning ( quoting relevant
section ) ; GCC 4.1.1 was already on the system but GCC 4.2.2 is used as
google search for the error indicated that older GCC version was causing
the error.


I run configure as :


./configure --prefix=/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5
--libdir=/usr/local/lib --with-neon-config=/usr/local/bin


When I run make , an error occurs as below:


[root@INVSTLINUX42S0654 subversion-1.4.5]# make



.( relevant part)

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_execvp'

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_merge_add'

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_execv'

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_fork'

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_init'

/svn/svnhome/subversion-1.4.5/apr-1.2.11/.libs/libapr-1.so: undefined
reference to `__gcov_execve'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [subversion/svn/svn] Error 1


I have highlighted the rpath as I am not sure of the correct path to
given when I run configure , this is the path where file libgcov.a is
located and seems to have the above references. 

Google didn't come up with any useful answers. Is the above error the
result of a bug or am I not using correct parameters for ./configure?



Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Patil


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