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From Ioan Popescu <ipope...@dataq.com>
Subject WinCE
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 18:02:58 GMT
APR doesn't currently seem to work on Windows CE. Some of it assumes CE
works one way, while it works another way; some of it simply doesn't work;
and some of it simply isn't implemented.

I've already started an attempt to get APR working on CE. The changes might
be too many to even post as a patch here. What's the best way for me to
submit these changes? And, is there anyone else willing to work on this as well?

Most of the library doesn't seem to need changing. I'm just not entirely
sure whether my changes comply with the intended API specification. (Some of
the changes are buried in large sections of code that is harder to understand.)

I also have VS2005 projects that compile and pass the tests (at least, I
think so; not sure how to run all tests).


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