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From Tacalau Daniel Stefan <daniel.taca...@avira.com>
Subject Problem with pool integrity check for apr threads
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:40:50 GMT

I'm using apr in a larger project which makes heavy usage of apr
threads. Recently I got over a problem when I compiled apr with

- apr_pool_check_integrity will assert at the ownership test  for

The problem is that apr_thread_exit destroys a pool allocated on another
thread. This pool is created in apr_thread_create and is the pool in
which the thread resources are allocated. Of course this pool cannot be
created in the thread that will start, but in the parent thread.

So the thread trying to do destroy in apr_thread_exit does not have
ownership of the pool. apr_thread_exit must be called from the thread
who wants to exit since it calls pthread_exit.

How should I deal with this problem?

Best regards,

Daniel Tacalau

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