Hi All,


I am trying to create a UDP port that will only receive data, never send.  My problem is that even though I am setting the socket timeout to a number greater than 0, the call to apr_socket_recv blocks and never returns because of a timeout.  This is causing my program to hang.  Even if another thread closes the socket, the recv method still blocks.  Here is some of my code below.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.


apr_pool_t *p;

apr_socket_t *sock;

apr_sockaddr_t *local_sa;


// create a pool

apr_pool_create(&p, NULL);


// create the address info

apr_sockaddr_info_get(&local_sa, NULL, APR_INET, notificationPort, 0, p);


// create the socket

apr_socket_create(&sock, local_sa->family, SOCK_DGRAM, APR_PROTO_UDP, p);


// set socket opts

apr_socket_opt_set(sock, APR_SO_LINGER, 1);

apr_socket_opt_set(sock, APR_SO_RCVBUF, 16384);

apr_socket_opt_set(sock, APR_SO_REUSEADDR, 1);

apr_socket_opt_set(sock, APR_SO_BROADCAST, 1);


// set timeout

apr_socket_timeout_set(sock, 1000000);


// bind socket to notification port

apr_socket_bind(sock, local_sa);


char datarecv[MON_APR_STRLEN];

string readbuff = "";

size_t maxLineSize = 8000;



      apr_size_t length = MON_APR_STRLEN;

      memset(datarecv, 0, MON_APR_STRLEN);

      rv = apr_socket_recv(sock, datarecv, &length); // this will block forever