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From "Eric Covener" <cove...@gmail.com>
Subject fcntl based mutex on Solaris/EM64T
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 15:28:53 GMT
I am debugging an httpd issue where two (otherwise unrelated) fcntl
based process mutexes are used on Solaris 10/em64t.

Two child processes in a threaded server share the file descriptors
for the two fcntl locks.  One mutex is the httpd accept mutex, and the
other guards the mod_ldap shared memory cache.

proc1/listener holds the accept mutex (fcntl) and is blocked in portfs (poll)
proc2/listener is blocked on the accept mutex
proc2 has acquired the LDAP mutex

A thread in proc1 will get EDEADLK from fcntl() on the LDAP mutex

     A potential for deadlock occurs if a process  controlling  a
     locked  region is put to sleep by attempting to lock another
     process' locked region. If the system detects that  sleeping
     until  a  locked  region is unlocked would cause a deadlock,
     fcntl() will fail with an EDEADLK error.

(since the LDAP mutex is actually an apr_global_mutex, threads in
proc2 block correctly behind the thread mutex).

Latest maintenance from Sun didn't seem to make a difference.  Is this
over-aggressive deadlock detection unique to Solaris, and is there any
way to cope with it other then building w/ a different default mutex

Eric Covener

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