Seems i forgot to send reply to the dev list

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From: Christian BOITEL <>
Date: 6 juin 2007 17:17
Subject: Re: reslist API does not provide proper size regulation
To: Aaron Bannert <>

Find below the suggested patch for the 1.2.8: it took me time to answer for i had the patch for 1.2.7 version but 1.2.8 was released and didn't find time to investigate if patch would apply to 1.2.8 (time was found when i had to upgrade to 1.2.8)
As you can see patch is quite simple and applies only to misc/apr_reslist.c.
My testes with Apache/Tomcat have shown that reslist now regulates (goes down) even if an on-going activity is maintained.
Should i submit a new case if bugzilla to integrate this patch ?
Thank you,
--- apr_reslist.c.original      2005-02-04 21:45:35.000000000 +0100
+++ apr_reslist.c       2007-06-06 09:22:14.000000000 +0200
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
 static void push_resource(apr_reslist_t *reslist, apr_res_t *resource)
-    APR_RING_INSERT_TAIL(&reslist->avail_list, resource, apr_res_t, link);
+    APR_RING_INSERT_HEAD(&reslist->avail_list, resource, apr_res_t, link);
     resource->freed = apr_time_now();
@@ -207,14 +207,15 @@
     now = apr_time_now();
     while (reslist->nidle > reslist->smax && reslist->nidle > 0) {
         /* Peak at the first resource in the list */
-        res = APR_RING_FIRST(&reslist->avail_list);
+        res = APR_RING_LAST(&reslist->avail_list);
         /* See if the oldest entry should be expired */
         if (now - res->freed < reslist->ttl) {
             /* If this entry is too young, none of the others
              * will be ready to be expired either, so we are done. */
-        res = pop_resource(reslist);
+       APR_RING_REMOVE(res, link);
+        reslist->nidle--;
         rv = destroy_resource(reslist, res);
         free_container(reslist, res);

2006/9/6, Aaron Bannert <>:
On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 07:06:10AM +0000, Christian BOITEL wrote:
> Following my discussion on this topic with rpluem on bugzilla, i am posting this one to submit you a change in the reslit pool management to ensure proper pool size regulation and some API changes to better handle this part of the list management.
> See my initial toughts on

The failure of the reslist to shrink back down after load subsides does
sound like a valid bug to me. If you could provide a patch that changes the
maint routine to search from the end of the list, and also a change to
make the list behave like a stack instead of a queue, that would be great.

As for changing the meaning of TTL, I'm not so sure that's needed after
the above changes. If you need to invalidate a resource, you can use the
apr_reslist_invalidate() routine. To implement a strict maximum lifetime
for your resources, simply check your own timer after aquiring a new
resource, and call the invalidate routine if it's too old, and then
try to get another resource.