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From Maarten Engelen <maar...@iridia.nl>
Subject Crash in MySQL library
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 10:17:01 GMT

I'm building a multithreaded server application using among others  
the threadpools from apr-util. Every thread in the thread pool makes  
a connection to a mysql database. Now, after a running it for about  
12 hours it gives a segmentation fault. It is on line 124 in  

124                 (*results)->random = seek;
(gdb) bt
#0  dbd_mysql_select (pool=0x86914e8, sql=0x8689558, results=0x8689514,
     query=0x8691520 "SELECT "..., seek=1) at dbd/apr_dbd_mysql.c:124
#1  0xb7efdebe in apr_dbd_select (driver=0xb7eff080, pool=0x86914e8,  
handle=0x8689558, res=0x8689514,
     statement=0x8691520 "SELECT "..., random=1) at dbd/apr_dbd.c:227
#2  0x0804a80a in ps_get_single_row (conn=0x8689510, pool=0x86914e8,
     sql=0x8691520 "SELECT "...) at persistent.c:123
#3  0x0804ace0 in ps_get_user_by_key (data=0xad6ff3e8, conn=0x8689510,
     pool=0x86894c8, key=0x857f238 "pilli") at persistent.c:150

Two lines above that line the *results structure is allocated, so how  
this can lead to a segmentation fault is still keeping me in the  
dark. Any ideas?



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