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From Jacques Amar <ja...@amar.com>
Subject APR/MySQL segfaults
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 04:29:19 GMT
For the past few weeks I've been trying to use apr_dbd. The database I 
want to use is MySQL (v. 5.0.41 currently). I successfully installed 
apr_dbd_mysql.c (can't find any version on that one) into apr-util-1.2.8 
on Fedora Core 6.

I obviously started with the simplest test case:

SELECT field FROM table

First I tried a prepared statement. This segfaulted on an iconv routine 
somewhere deep in the libs. Thinking to go simpler, I tried a very 
simple apr_dbd_select approach. Although apr_dbd_select does not return 
any errors, apr_dbd_get_row is segfaulting, inside mysql code.

First I taught I have a version issue and tried a slew of different 
MySQL versions, recompiling apr-util with each version, just to be sure. 
Same result.

Using gdb and trying to track down the problem, this is as close as I 
came to the culprit: somehow, a second thread seems to execute the same 
The first execution of ret = mysql_query(sql->conn, query) returns with 
an error for ret=7740576 and immediately the statement is reexecuted 
with an ret=0.

The resulting "results" struct exists, but it's fields are NULL (on the 
second execution). No error  is therefore returned to the calling program.

Once we call apr_dbd_get_row with this results field, a call is made to 
r = mysql_fetch_row(res->res);

which segfaults inside mysql routines. Ok, mysql should catch that and 
not segfault, but it's making the assumption that res is valid.

My issue is why is mysql_query being called twice. Is it related to 
mysql being in threaded mode? Has ANYBODY successfully used 
apr_dbd_mysql with version 5 in a non httpd setting, using only apr and 

Any help or hint would be appreciated. I can post the simple code if 
that helps - or the gdb trace. It's mostly housekeeping and error 
checking, with a few lines of actual code.

Jacques Amar

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