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From "Rashmi Badan" <rashmi.ba...@gmail.com>
Subject APR XML parser
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 04:13:33 GMT

I am using the APR XML parser to parse an XML file - i.e I'm using the
apr_xml_parser_create() and apr_xml_parse_file() APIs from my C code. Now
here's my problem .....

My XML file has a set of properties like ....
     <property name='prop1' value='some string'/>
     <property name='prop2' value='some other string'/>

This works fine and I'm able to extract the property values. Now I want add
a property which has the delimiting character (single quote here) as part of
its value - something like
     <property name='prop3' value='someone's string'/>

Using the escape character \ to escape the single quote within the value
string didn't seem to work - parser gives an error. Is there a way to go
about this? Is there a way to tell the parse to escape the quote within the
value string? Would appreciate some help/info on this.


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