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From Dzonatas <dzona...@dzonux.net>
Subject APR defaults to "strtoi" instead of "strtoi64" with MinGW
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 19:17:17 GMT
I'm have used the APR 1.3.0 branch. My link came up with a undefined 
reference to "_strtoi."

Does MSVC automatically fudge "strtoi" to "strtoi64"? That is the way it 
is found in msvcr71.

With the section shown below, a quick hack may be to define on cppflags 
"-Dstrtoi=stroi64" or "-Dstrtoi=_strtoi64". However, I thought I show 
you this for your review.

In apr/include/arch/win32/apr_private.h, there is this section (about 
line 160):

/* MSVC 7.0 introduced _strtoi64 */
#if _MSC_VER >= 1300 && _INTEGRAL_MAX_BITS >= 64
#define APR_INT64_STRFN       _strtoi64

#ifdef APR_INT64_STRFN
#define APR_OFF_T_STRFN         APR_INT64_STRFN
#define APR_OFF_T_STRFN         apr_strtoi64
#define APR_OFF_T_STRFN         strtoi

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