I am cross-compiling Apache HTTPD 2.2.3 on a Red Hat Linux 9 (the build

machine) for a PowerPC 82xx embedded device. When I run the top-level

configure script which runs among others the APR configure script, I

notice that the sizeof size_t and ssize_t are being defaulted to "8"

because the $cross_compiling variable is set to "yes". The same

behaviour can be seen for other configure tests also: if the

$cross_compiling variable is set (it is being set in the beginning

because the BUILD and HOST options have been specified on the

configure command-line), then various ac_cv_* variables get some

default values (which in my case are not appropriate for the target

HOST architecture of ppc_82xx) instead of running the cross-compiler to

calculate the value.


Is this done on purpose? If so why? And how should I proceed if I want

the configure script to correctly "conftest" all the needed values for

my target HOST architecture? I've been searching in vain so far in

FAQs, bug databases and the goonet, but I found no one with a similar

problem (and a solution).


I understood from another posting on users@httpd that "Cross compilation

generally won't work because of autoconf AP_RUN_ macros which test

features dynamically." – so I'm not sure how should I address the problems

of cross-compilation. I'm sure some people have cross-compiled HTTPD in

the past and overcame the same obstacles, so I would appreciate any

help on that.


Thanks in advance,