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From "Aizer Danny-BDA023" <Danny.Ai...@motorola.com>
Subject RE: Default APR sizes of size_t and ssize_t when cross compiling
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 19:54:21 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bob Rossi: 
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 04:17:38PM +0200, Aizer Danny-BDA023 wrote:
> > I am cross-compiling Apache HTTPD 2.2.3 on a Red Hat Linux 9 (the
> > machine) for a PowerPC 82xx embedded device. When I run the
> > configure script which runs among others the APR configure script, I

> > notice that the sizeof size_t and ssize_t are being defaulted to "8"
> > because the $cross_compiling variable is set to "yes". The same 
> > behaviour can be seen for other configure tests also: if the 
> > $cross_compiling variable is set (it is being set in the beginning 
> > because the BUILD and HOST options have been specified on the 
> > configure command-line), then various ac_cv_* variables get some 
> > default values (which in my case are not appropriate for the target 
> > HOST architecture of ppc_82xx) instead of running the cross-compiler
> > calculate the value.
> I think you will have to modify configure.in to fit your purposes. If
> you submit a patch back, maybe you can make these features allowed 
> to be passed in on the command line to configure?

Hi Bob,

I can probably do that, but I wanted to understand if this is the
preferred way to deal with configuration for cross-compilation. My
impression was that HTTPD (and APR) can be cross-compiled without any
special intervention assuming that all needed environment variables are
set and command-line parameters are given appropriately to ./configure .

If that is not the way most people cross-compile, then I will "patch"
the configure.in as you suggested - although I still would like to
understand (having read a lot about autoconf and related *.m4 and other
files, so I'm being curious here) why aren't the ac_cv_* calculated by
running the cross-compiler CC to test for the actual sizes (and other
such values needed) of size_t and ssize_t.


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