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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: future of ssl code
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:04:28 GMT
David Reid wrote:
> A while back there was a comment on this list that the ssl code should
> be "ripped out" before the next release. There was no additional
> information as to why, but that's OK.

Actually, I don't know that it is OK.

1.2.9 on the current-stable branch should be released shortly.  Independent
of the 1.3 changes for SSL.

Does SSL block any other change in 1.3?

> Maybe it should be removed into a seperate module along the same lines
> as apr-iconv? Additionally we should look at what really needs to go
> into it. There are a few bits of code that I'd like to think about
> moving into a library with apr's platform independance, but the bloat
> that is apr-util no longer seems like the ideal landing site.

In fairness, the bloat which is apr-util is agreeably just-bloat.  Don't
worry about it, there is a much greater urgency to remove 4 of 6 db libs
which an application won't consume, or ldap for a non-ldap application.
And ssl, if ssl is not used by an application.

It's a bigger problem than the openssl bindings.

> So, thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
> FWIW, this will have ramifications for some other code that I plan on
> working on soon(ish).

A big comment.  APR and APR-util current include non-FIPS implementations
of FIPS-140 specified algorithms.  OpenSSL built with FIPS enabled has
proper implementations.  So please don't begin yanking openssl.

In fact I need to toggle off those apr-implementations, and stub in
openssl's implementations in the presence of some --enable-fips flag.

Apache+APR+OpenSSL won't 'become FIPS certified' (in fact, only a small
core of OpenSSL is fips validated).  But as things stand, it violates
the FIPS standard and security policy document.  I hope to change that.

So we can all agree that apr-util is bloated, but please leave things
as-is for 1.3?

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