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From "Brian J. France" <l...@firehawksystems.com>
Subject possible apr_dbd_get_driver dso issue
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:09:51 GMT
I think there is a issue with the dso code for apr_dbd_get_driver.

I was writing a milter using the APR and while reviewing the code and  
the APR dbd code I noticed that I would have big problems if I built  
the drivers as dso's.

The problem is because I use a global pool to call apr_dbd_init, but  
then call apr_dbd_get_driver using a child pool which is cleaned up  
after a request. apr_dbd_get_driver will load a dso driver using the  
child pool (calling init on the driver), but the memory will get  
cleaned up when the pool get cleaned up at the end of the request.   
This is bad because the driver will stay in the drivers hash, but  
with bogus memory.

I think it might be better to turn this:

   static apr_hash_t *drivers = NULL;

into this:

   typedef struct apr_dbd_drivers_t {
       apr_pool_t *pool;
       apr_hash_t *drivers = NULL;
   } apr_dbd_drivers_t;

and save the pool from the apr_dbd_init call to use in the  
apr_dbd_get_driver dso loading code so things match.

This is all hypothetical and I have not run into a problem yet as I  
am building things statically.


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