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From Derek Baum <derek.b...@paremus.com>
Subject apr_procattr_io_set() broken on win32?
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:47:40 GMT

I've been successfully developing using APR-1.2.7 on Unix for the last 
few months, and now I'm testing on Win/XP.

I'm launching processes like this:
>     apr_procattr_create (&attr, _pool);
>     // create pipes to read stdout and stderr
>     apr_procattr_io_set(attr, APR_NO_PIPE, APR_CHILD_BLOCK, 
>     apr_proc_t proc;
>     stat = apr_proc_create(&proc, argv[0], argv, envv, attr, _pool);
and then reading their output in a non-blocking loop in another thread 
like this:
> for (;;) {
>         apr_size_t nbytes = sizeof(buf);
>         stat = apr_file_read(_proc.out, buf, &nbytes);
>         if ((stat != APR_SUCCESS) || (nbytes == 0)) break;
>               _out.append(buf, nbytes);
>         }
> }

This all works fine on Unix, but on Windows, the read blocks, even 
although I call apr_procattr_io_set() to set the parent end of the pipes 
to non-blocking.

The reason for this appears to be a problem in 
apr_create_nt_pipe(file_io/win32/pipe.c), which initialises the 
apr_file_t.timeout fields to -1 (blocking), and does not reset them to 0 
(zero-timeout) if a non-blocking mode has been requested:

Setting these timeouts to zero in my application code, solves the 
problem, although to do this I had to hack into the opaque 
apr_procattr_t structure:
> struct apr_procattr_hack {
>     apr_pool_t *pool;
>     apr_file_t *parent_in;
>     apr_file_t *child_in;
>     apr_file_t *parent_out;
>     apr_file_t *child_out;
>     apr_file_t *parent_err;
>     apr_file_t *child_err;
> };
> // add after apr_procattr_io_set() in first code snippet above
> apr_file_pipe_timeout_set(((apr_procattr_hack*)attr)->parent_out, 0);
> apr_file_pipe_timeout_set(((apr_procattr_hack*)attr)->parent_err, 0);

Can you confirm that this is a problem, or am I doing something wrong?
If it is a problem, should I log it as a bug?



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