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From "Jonathan Gilbert" <2jx64e...@sneakemail.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix for Subversion issue #1789
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:15:14 GMT
At 11:06 AM 2/23/2007 -0600, Bill Rowe wrote:
>the message was rejected because your zip file is corrupt, perhaps viral
>or trojaned, but definitely corrupt.  Being a zlib/zip/unzip hacker I have
>the modern patches on my in-house build, but I'd advise others with older
>versions to stay away from that .zip file.

Huh..?! The ZIP file was created by WinRAR, and tests fine inside that
program. It also tests fine using some version of 'unzip':

[C:\webspace\overaggressive_spam_filter]md5sum -b
69b1d2b69a854445d5bcf2ba051be0e9 *apr-split-write-performance-test.zip

[C:\webspace\overaggressive_spam_filter]unzip -t
Archive:  apr-split-write-performance-test.zip
    testing: apr-split-write-performance-test/   OK
apr-split-write-performance-test/apr-split-write-performance-test.vcproj   OK
    testing: apr-split-write-performance-test/test.c   OK
No errors detected in compressed data of apr-split-write-performance-test.zip.

[C:\webspace\overaggressive_spam_filter]unzip -v | head -2
UnZip 5.12 of 28 August 1994, by Info-ZIP.  Portions (c) 1989 by S. H. Smith.
Send bug reports to authors at zip-bugs@wkuvx1.wku.edu; see README for


In any event, I have unzipped it into a subdirectory. The files that are in
the ZIP can be downloaded individually at:


Jonathan Gilbert

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