I'm searching to create some shm at apache startup, then in each child, attach this shm and use it.

Actually, i just create the shm, then cast a struct on the data i get with base_get_addr.
I do this at post_config hook of apache 2.0.x

The problem is this shm is created as root, (i was thinking the post_config hook was running with apache user :( but it seems not...) and when i want to attach my shm in child (run as apache user), i have a permission denied.

It seems it's because it's using APR_USE_SHMEM_SHMGET first in the condition to create shm. So as shm is root, i can't attach it in child...

Is there a way to have the shm created with a flag saying i can attach it in a non root process ?
Or a child in apache i can use at startup to create my shm not as root ?