The Slim Reader/Writer (SRW) Locks implemented in Vista are blocking-only.

Because of this, i don't think there's a way we can implement apr_thread_rwlock_tryrdlock through SRWLocks.

A possible solution that I see means defining:
A user that does not need the non blocking apr_...try functions will create the rwlock by specifying this flag.
and apr_...try functions shall return some speciffic error.

If sometimes later he decides that he may want apr_thread_rwlock_tryrdlock he can just remove the APR_RWLOCK_FAST_BLOCKING flag.

only on vista and laters, if SRW locks have been enabled(aka #define APR_HAVE_SWR_LOCKS 1) this will have an overhead though:

Another solution would mean creating a special blocking apr_thread_blrwlock_t structure and the same set of methods expect the two apr_...try ones. This does not have the overhead of the former solution, but, if a developer might discover during development time he *must* use one of the apr_...try functions he'll have a bit more work: search and replace "apr_thread_blrwlock*" with "apr_thread_rwlock*".

Oh yeah, and we can just drop this functionality altogether and keep the current win32 on all platforms:)


On 1/7/07, E Holyat < > wrote:
> I took a class with the author of the Read/Writer API (Jeffrey Richter).  It
> was written using the InterlockedExchange API.  It would be a huge
> improvement implementing the new API.

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