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From "Lucian Adrian Grijincu" <lucian.griji...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: [PATCH] Optimized MD5 implementation from OpenSSL
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 19:07:37 GMT
On 1/3/07, Justin Erenkrantz <justin@erenkrantz.com> wrote:
> How many apps use APR but not APR-util?  I don't know of any.  All of
> the consumers I know about use both.  So, they're getting it anyway
> today.  -- justin

Well, I for one am working on a project using APR, but not APR-util.
And I know of a few other projects in my company that use APR but not APR-util.

I haven't checked APR-util build system to see if this is implemented,
but I think having the possibility to select at compile time what
features you want to disable would be best.

E.g. one may need APR, and would find useful the Thread Safe FIFO
bounded queue and Base64 Encoding code from APR-util. The rest is just

Having a the possibility to give "--disable-ldap --disable-md4
--disable-xml" as parameters to ./configure or some other
precompilation routine would be better than having them bundled with
the library when they are not needed.

something like this was proposed at the beginning, while discussing
APR's mission statement:

From: rbb@covalent.net
Subject: Re: Mission Statement

> > >
> > > : The Apache Portable Run-time mission is to provide a library of routines
> > > : that allows programmers to write a program once and be able to compile
> > > : it anywhere.
> > >
>I have always had it in my head that it would be nice to get some gui
>stuff in APR at some point, a LONG time from now.  If this sort of thing
>is ever added, it would be with compile time switches to shut it off
>Or, the GUI part could end up a sub-project of APR, something like
>apr-gui.  That would still make it a part of the APR project, but
>completely disjoint from APR when it comes to the actual code/libraries.

Best Regards,
Lucian Adrian Grijincu

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