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From Chris Darroch <chr...@pearsoncmg.com>
Subject Re: DBD: Prepared statements, BLOBs etc.
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:48:49 GMT
Bojan Smojver wrote:

> BTW, do you think OCI_NEW_LENGTH_SEMANTICS would be worth adding to
> OCIEnvCreate() call? Apparently (according to the documentation :-), it
> does this:
> OCI_NEW_LENGTH_SEMANTICS - byte-length semantics is used consistently
> for all handles, regardless of character sets.
> Hopefully, this would then make sure OCILobRead() returns proper number
> of bytes read.

   Might do, indeed, but it appears to only be available starting with 9i.
Maybe that's sufficient for APR-util; 8i isn't supported anymore by
Oracle, IIRC.

   (I say "might do" because I've tried using OCI_SHARED with OCIEnvCreate()
and discovered that it merely triggered a fascinating bug, well-documented
by other people in various bug reports to Oracle, and never fixed
acknowledged as such.  There may be a fix in 10g for it; I haven't
checked.  At any rate, it would be nice if OCI_NEW_LENGTH_SEMANTICS actually
worked as promised.  :-)


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