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From Greg Ames <grega...@remulak.net>
Subject [PATCH] speed up apr_pollset_remove
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 18:58:10 GMT
the current apr_pollset_remove has an O(n**2) scaling issue which is likely to degrade the

perfomance of the httpd Event MPM when it is handling lots of connections.  I've been 
playing with the following patch off and on but never posted it before due to day job 
pressures.  it serves pages for me but hasn't been stress tested.

the basic idea is to exploit the fact that the internal pfd_elem_t and apr_pollfd_t occupy

the same chunk of memory.  by twiddling the internal structure, the pointer to one is the

pointer to both and no search is needed.  this only changes the epoll implementation; 
kqueue looks like it could work the same.



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