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From "Victor J. Orlikowski" <victor.j.orlikow...@alumni.duke.edu>
Subject 2007 DST changes, and a "non-issue" statement...
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 22:28:49 GMT
Long time, no speak on my behalf. I hope to be changing that soon.

So - to de-cloak:

I've been getting some questions (from my new employer) on the
impact of the upcoming Daylight Saving Time issues for the httpd.

My natural response was: "There are none! It's an OS issue."
Whereupon, I was told that upper management would prefer to have
something rather more "official" than my word on it.

So - suspecting that this might become something of a FAQ in the
coming months, I figured that it might be helpful to post
something to the httpd site on the (non)impact to httpd/apr, if
only to save headaches.


Victor J. Orlikowski <> victor.j.orlikowski@alumni.duke.edu

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