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From Bojan Smojver <bo...@rexursive.com>
Subject Re: DBD: Prepared statements, BLOBs etc.
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 06:20:32 GMT
Quoting Bojan Smojver <bojan@rexursive.com>:

> I was silly enough to download Oracle XE and start playing with the
> Oracle driver...

And the result of that madness is attached :-)

You'll notice that I didn't use LOB locators to do binding in the  
Oracle driver, as this would require unusual code gymnastics, as  
previously discussed. Also, some things are cheap and inefficient code  
reuse cases. But, it may be some kind of start...

PS. The whole thing is in the tarball due to size. You'll find there  
(crude) bits that I used for testing.


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