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From Peter Samuelson <pe...@p12n.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Linux 2.4 may or may not implement sendfile64()
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 13:20:01 GMT

[Joe Orton]
> Yes, APR could detect system features at run-time, and yes, doing so
> would be a complete maintenance nightmare having a small net negative
> run-time cost to 99% of users, and no, it's not worth doing.

So in your opinion, which of these two options should we have gone with

- status quo: some users on Linux 2.4 simply cannot run Apache 2 at all
- NO Debian users can use Apache 2 to serve 4+GB files

The first one is a non-starter, we can't just decide to stop supporting
those users.  As for the second, LFS was the main reason we wanted to
switch to Apache 2.2 in the first place.  In this day and age, some
people actually want to ship DVD images over HTTP.

I suppose there's also the Gentoo Option: tell users they should just
compile all the software they use, on every box they want to use it on.
Some would call that a valid strategy, but Debian users would never put
up with it.  They expect not to have to mess with stuff like that -
it's one reason they use Debian.

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