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From генерал Пурпоз <kb2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re[2]: Porting APR to QNX4: portability problems.
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 16:14:38 GMT
Hello Jeff,

Sunday, January 28, 2007, 6:58:00 PM, you wrote:
> Start slowly and post info about the first build error you encounter.
> Since you can build 0.9, try to see why 0.9 works and 1.2 fails.
Actually I was not yet being able to port APR v0.9.12 either.
It just was smart enough to ./configure on my platform successfully.

v1.2.8 did not even ./configure - it was my fault - I did not feed the
script any "--without-*"s - they are absent in it's "--help" list.
I took v0.9.13, got it's much more detailed "./configure --help" and
then fead the same set of options to the v1.2.8 configurator.
Now I could get started.

With the official compiler (Watcom C v10.6B) the configuration script
detects the absence of "long long"s, but still - int64 are all around
the place. They are not redefined to a smaller size...

I could get to "make check" using an unofficial toolchain.

Here goes an abbridged list of my problems:
I get 4 "fmt" test failing - all int64 related, I believe I will be
able to fix those.
"apr_strftime(str, &sz, STR_SIZE, "%R %A %d %B %Y", &xt) - here I was
forced to use the %X or %T instead of %R - there is no such format
directive here.

I cannot get the "testnames.c" to succeed.

My problem is that I do not understand what is "root" and what is
"path" on my platform.
Consider this:
QNX4 is the networked OS, each machine is a node, all nodes are
The full path (obtained with the "qnx_fullpath()" call) looks like
"//node-ID/path/to/some/file", for example on node 2 the full path to
"ksh" is "//2/bin/ksh". But if one executes "getcwd()" - he will see a
path like "/home/user".

So I am all lost and confused: what should I call the "ABS_ROOT", what
is "root" and what is "path"?
Do I get it rigth - "bin/ksh" is the path (or is it just "bin/" ?);
"//2" is ABS_ROOT and "/" is root?
How should I react on the APR_FILEPATH_TRUENAME flag set?

Another QNX4 peculiarity is the mmap(), shmem() and friends - they
cannot be used to copy files - the files here cannot be memory-mapped.

The maximum amount of file descriptors for select() to use seems to be
24, if I declare LARGE_NUM_SOCKETS to be 25 - the test blows. The OS's
header declares the FD_SETSIZE to be 32.

Please comment|advise|hint.

Thank you in advance!
(More questions to come.)

Best regards,
 Anthony              mailto:kb2wjw@gmail.com

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