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From Yossi Neiman <freeswi...@cartissolutions.com>
Subject Issue #41099 Feedback request
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:38:03 GMT
Greetings to the APR dev team.  Some of you might have seen me on the 
#apr channel on freenode as "mishehu".  I have made some modifications 
to APR-util's apr_queue.h/c files to add some new functionality, such as 
a few new conditionals to allow for manual blocking of push and pop, as 
well as one to allow you to block until the queue is empty.  In my 
testing it works fine, however, I would be interested in some feedback 
and testing from the greater APR community (just because it works for me 
doesn't mean it's guaranteed to work for everybody).  I have posted my 
diffs to the issue on bugzilla.  And in the off chance that is 
considered "nagging", my apologies in advance.

Thanks in advance,

Yossi Neiman

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