William A. Rowe, Jr. schrieb:
Christoph Friedrich wrote:

I want to compile the apr-utils 1.2.7 (release) under my Windows XP with
MS Visual Studio 6.0 SP6.
But always there is only one error:

./include\apr_ldap.h(96) : fatal error C1189: #Fehler :  Support for
LDAP v2.0 toolkits has been removed from apr-util. Please use an LDAP
v3.0 toolkit.

What I have to do now?

Hi Christoph - you must insert a relatively modern (late 2002, or later)
Platform SDK to build.  The older MSVC 6 headers are simply too old.

Thank you very much.
I hope with MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 there are better header files ^^


sorry for my bad english. i am german ^^