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From "Christian V." <christian.verde...@zeropiu.it>
Subject Re: De-Chunking
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 12:40:40 GMT
Christian V. wrote:
> Hi ,
> i 'm running a third-party web service authentication module that hangs
> when the request coming from the client is splitted out in different 
> chunks. I don't have access to the module and to the client neither, so
> I'm thinking to write an input filter that collects all the chunks and 
> pass'em to the downstream filter or handler .
> Is that possible?
> Best regards,
> Chris.

what i see that if i use a client who sends the request without split it 
in chunks the 3rd party module works, otherwise i see in the logs the 
request body completely messed up! the client that fails is a Microsoft
Web service which splits the request in 1024 bytes long chunks, while
the Java client send the request in a single 5785 bytes chunk ( the 
lenght of the request ) and that works !!


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