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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <jus...@erenkrantz.com>
Subject Re: windows && threads
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 07:50:56 GMT
On 11/29/06, Bob Rossi <bob_rossi@cox.net> wrote:
> I'm trying to configure/build apr on windows with threads. I already see
> that apr can be built with cl and windows threads. However, currently
> I'd like to avoid using cl, since my project uses the autotools.
> I have a few questions,
> - can apr be built with mingw and cygwin posix threads?
> - can apr be built with mingw and native posix threads?
> - can apr be built with cygwin g++ and cygwin posix threads?
> - can apr be built with cygwin g++ and native posix threads?
> - can apr be built with either mingw or g++ and with any thread library?
> I can't seem to get past the configure stage, with out it telling me
> that apr will disable thread support. If this answer is already
> documented, I'm sorry, please point me in the correct direction.
> If it's not already documented, it should be added somewhere, as I've
> spent several hours trying to solves this problem already. I'm sure it
> would benefit a lot of people.

It seems that somehow it's gotten overly complicated for you.

Here's the steps I've used with MinGW / msys.

1. Checkout trunk of apr
2. ./buildconf
3. ./configure --enable-experimental-libtool=yes
4. make
5. make install

Windows threads work just fine (i.e. MinGW uses thread/win32/*).
'testall.exe testthread' works.

At a minimum, I know Paul's had success building APR under MinGW too.
I know from personal experience that httpd, Subversion, and other
APR-using projects work okay with MinGW with only a few minor caveats.
 (Largely that projects assume #ifdef Win32 == MSVC which is kind of
bogus anyway.)

So, it really sounds like you're running into issues none of us are.
Can you please give us some details about how your setup is different?

Note that we make minimal guarantees about cygwin as it presents
itself as Unix - not Win32.  On the other hand, MinGW is true Win32
(albeit a different compiler).  -- justin

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