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From Davi Arnaut <d...@haxent.com.br>
Subject RFC: generic wrappers
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:57:21 GMT

Generic event handling:

I've started to work on a generic event handling wrapper to be built on
top of epoll/solaris event ports/kqueue, and I would like to hear your
comments on the design/API:


The header is documented and should give a good clue on how it can be
used and it's features.

Notes: some features like the timer/user events will be genericly
implemented (e.g. time wheel/event hash).

Generic script wrapper:

This wrapper is intended to provide a common interface for embedding
common script-based languages. Currently it can be used to load, eval,
call, push/pop (integers/strings), class instantiation and support for
running multiples interpreters in the fowling languages: Perl, Python,
Ruby, Lua and TCL.


Once finished, I plan to use this interface to build a custom module to
export the apache hooks to those languages.

Davi Arnaut

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