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From Ioan Popescu <ipope...@dataq.com>
Subject APR Pools
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 16:12:08 GMT
Are "pools" here to stay? Or are there plans to abandon them, use them less?

If they're here to stay, could someone tell me what advantages there are to
using them instead of malloc()/free()? Regardless of portability.

I've read about a number of new "problems" (Subversion has come up with some
solutions) specific to the use of pools. Not to mention the potential for
"internal memory leaks" as a result of unbounded operations.

Also, a bit of a headache to force onto a client: use pools, or provide an
abstraction API. This is a big problem when you don't know the lifetime of
objects and likely end up using some common pool for them with a very long
lifetime. Any solutions for this?

I've read http://www.apachetutor.org/dev/pools for some help, but it's still
a vague concept for me.


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