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From Mike Duigou <apr-...@duigou.org>
Subject Expat - Update or debundle?
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 23:54:27 GMT
I got a bug report from a Windows user today which eventually revealed 
that he was running with the version of expat bundled within APR.

I had previously been unaware that there was a bundled version of expat 
within APR and doubly unaware that it would be so ancient. It appears to 
be 1.95.2 (2001-07-27).

I suspect that most people using APR are using their system expat lib 
which would almost certainly be newer than the bundled version. As such 
I don't expect any disasters would occur by updating the builtin copy to 
a more recent version. Given that expat is also installed on virtually 
every unix perhaps including a bundled version no longer makes sense.

Any thoughts to either update the bundled version to something more 
recent or remove it and require an installed expat lib?


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