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From Davi Arnaut <d...@haxent.com.br>
Subject Re: Strange size of produced APR binaries on Solaris
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:25:50 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> Davi Arnaut wrote:
>> Debugging symbols ? other library linked statically (expat ?) ?
> It's APR ./configure && make && make install

This might add a -g to the flags.

>> Have you tried to strip ?
> No. Like said it's default build for APR.
> If the strip is needed (what ever that might be,
> so please share some light) then it should be the
> part of the make thought.

Could you please strip it and see what happens ? It won't hurt.

>> Also you can objdump -h and diff it's output to compare the size of each
>> section with a older "normal" .so.
> Don't get it. What is 'older "normal" .so'
> I'm trying to build the APR from the sources.

An older apr shared object whose size you considered "normal".

Davi Arnaut

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