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From Mladen Turk <mt...@apache.org>
Subject Adding sysinfo to the APR
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:02:50 GMT

I wish to add the things we have inside tomcat-native
to the APR (with more generic API) for obtaining
various OS infos in a portable way.

Right now, inside tomcat-native we have a set of
functions that can obtain:

inf[0]  - Total usable main memory size
inf[1]  - Available memory size
inf[2]  - Total page file/swap space size
inf[3]  - Page file/swap space still available
inf[4]  - Amount of shared memory
inf[5]  - Memory used by buffers
inf[6]  - Memory Load

inf[7]  - Idle Time in microseconds
inf[8]  - Kernel Time in microseconds
inf[9]  - User Time in microseconds

inf[10] - Process creation time (apr_time_t)
inf[11] - Process Kernel Time in microseconds
inf[12] - Process User Time in microseconds

inf[13] - Current working set size.
inf[14] - Peak working set size.
inf[15] - Number of page faults.

All that is available for a multiple platforms (linux, solaris, macosx, windows).
IMHO, something like that can be very usable with a proper API to the
much wider audience.



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