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From Stephen Ciscola <cravenblackb...@yahoo.com>
Subject apr pools with threads
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 12:07:26 GMT

I want to use a pool or pools to replace some malloc
calls in a library i'm working with. I want to avoid
the constant malloc/free penalty. I intend to just
toss some defines in to call the pools api whenever
malloc/free is called.

My application is multithreaded. Am I correct that if
I use pools with an APR I built on linux using 
-enable-threads, that they AREN'T inherently thread

I still need to mutex lock around.... ??? which pool

I assume it's fine if I use normal pthread calls, not
the APR threads model... though I'm free to use either

thank you. I found a few messages about this here re.
pools and inherent thread safety, but would like to
confirm my understanding is correct.

thank you!

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