Dear APR Developers:
As a result of having worked with APR in the past, I have been evaluating it in the context of working with UDP sockets in our current project at Kearfott. At the current time, we decided against using APR for the current project, in part because we do not require the portability which APR enhances, and we want to take advantage of using Windows features without incurring additional overhead, as well as the possibility of using a more C++-based interface (so we go with Visual Studio 6.0 C++ with MFC).
However, as I was evaluating using UDP via the APR library, I noticed that my version of the library function apr_socket_recvfrom(), as found in both the Linux/Unix and Win32 versions, did not correctly fill in the values of the structure that was passed to it after the appropriate operating system-based system call for recvfrom() was made. At that point, I realized that I had an older version of the library from when I last used APR professionally in 2003, so I checked out the lastest version from SVN. Even this version only fills in the port number but NOT THE IP ADDRESS. Therefore, we still need a bug fix to get this function working the way it is supposed to, and fill in the IP address as well.
I could work on this fix, unless someone else volunteers. I can also test that it works under Linux and Windows (and possibly under Solaris, since I have access to such a system). The catch is that it would have to be done non-business hours, since my official work directive is not to use APR, even though I have an earlier version set up there. So depending on the feedback generated, I can work on this or not, on my spare time.
Thanks in advance for your response.
Norman Tuttle, Kearfott NJ employee