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From "Paul Smedley" <pau...@smedleydot.info>
Subject modphp problems with file >=64k
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 02:27:45 GMT
Hi Guys,

I'm maintaining OS/2 versions of Apache2 and PHP5.  They work nicely, 
except for some issues in modphp which I've thus far been unable to 
root cause.

Last night I made some progress in diagnosing the problems.

I got a testcase testbuffer.php as follows:
$infile = "block.htm";
$fh = fopen($infile,"r");
$buff = fread($fh,65536);
echo $buff;

block.html is a file containing htm code that is ~70k in size.

Using cgi php this works fine - but with modphp, all I get in the 
browser is a page with a 0 as the only character rendered.

If 65535 is used in place of 65536 it works fine.  It seems something 
has a problem at 64k.

Tracing through some code, the difference between the working and 
non-working example is that in the non-working example, ap_rwrite 
fails here:
    if (r->connection->aborted)
        return -1;

The initial ap_rwrite is called with length 65536 and returns a valid 
success return code.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?

PHP and Apache2 built with the EMX compiler (gcc 2.8.1) don't have 
this problem, I'm using a newer GCC 3.3.5.  I've compared apr.h and 
apu.h and there are no significant differences in #defines between gcc
2.8.1 & 3.3.5 that I would think could explain this behaviour :(

Any ideas are appreciated!


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