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From Pavel Ċ mejkal <pavel.smej...@tricube.cz>
Subject Re: apr_hash_get problem
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 22:55:27 GMT
At a guess, I would guess the cache structure or some of the fields are 
being allocated out of a per-request pool, and that pool gets cleared 
before the next request.
>> cache_entry = (vhost_cache_entry *) apr_pcalloc(r->pool, 
>> sizeof(vhost_cache_entry));

I changed code to "cache_entry = (vhost_cache_entry *) 
apr_pcalloc(r->server->process->pool, sizeof(vhost_cache_entry));" but 
it looks like worst than before.
Maybe it is because i create this hash in pre_config fce:

static apr_status_t vhost_dbi_pre_config(apr_pool_t * pconf, apr_pool_t 
* plog, apr_pool_t * ptemp) {
    apr_status_t rv = APR_SUCCESS;
    vhost_cache = apr_hash_make(pconf);
    return rv;

It is very strange behavior because a few request is ok and after this 
one request retrieved damaged structure form hashtable. Structure 
contains some uppredictable data ... some chars from memory maybe, piece 
url or is completely empty. Maybe some thread stuffs ? ... is 
apr_hashtable thread safe ? according to logs every thinks looks like 
perfect ... cache expire etc ... but some times stucture lose its data...

Thanks for your help ... i can't find some suitable maillist :( ,



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