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From "Trent Nelson" <tnel...@onresolve.com>
Subject RE: feasability of a portable fuser-type thing in APR?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 11:54:35 GMT

> From: Tyler MacDonald [mailto:tyler@yi.org]
> > Colm MacCarthaigh <colm@stdlib.net> wrote:
> > > Each kernel has its own mechanism for this, ranging from trawling
> > > memory directly to iterating through /proc/, but I can't off-hand
> > > of an operating system which doesn't provide this functionality.
> > > windows I think you need admin privs even to scan your own
> > > though.
> Colm,
> 	Something just occured to me. In windows, if you try to move or
> delete a file that is in use, it stops you. Is there a completely
> action one can do to a file in windows that causes the same error?
> 	I'm thinking that without admin powers, this code may still be
> able to detect if a file is in use at all.

Tyler, have you made any more progress on this?  I looked into it a bit,
and it doesn't seem like there's any
try-delete-it-to-see-if-it's-in-use-without-actually-deleting-it action
available on Windows.

If you've made some progress on the Linux/Unix side of the interface,
I'd be interested in contributing to the Windows side.


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