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From "Garrett Rooney" <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject Re: Crypto FAQ
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 15:01:10 GMT
On 7/6/06, Cliff Schmidt <cliffschmidt@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/5/06, Garrett Rooney <rooneg@electricjellyfish.net> wrote:
> > I mean I get the general idea here (we need to notify some government
> > agency before we start distributing crypto code), but it'd be good to
> > get the actual specifics someplace we can expect people to read,
> > before diving into the FAQ.
> >
> > Also, another question I've got is who the point of contact on the
> > notification email should be.  Is that the PMC chair?  And where does
> > this email get sent to anyway?
> >
> > -garrett (who has not been spending nearly as much time as he should
> > following this thread, and is hoping that Cliff will rescue him with a
> > nice "you need to do this, this, and this to keep us from breaking the
> > law" kind of recipie soon ;-)
> fair enough -- however, could you tell me if these comments come after
> having read http://apache.org/dev/crypto.html?  I was kind of hoping
> that page comes close to providing the background and list of what
> steps must be taken.  I guess I think a rev of the current
> cryppto.html page + a rev of this FAQ should be very close to the
> needed docs.  Agree?

That clarified things quite nicely, I somehow missed that page...

FWIW, I suggest putting the FAQ right at the bottom of that page, so
it's impossible to get the whole picture.


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